Rolf Käselau, Managing Director


Rolf joined BBA in 2014. As Managing Director and Accountable Manager he benefits from over 30 years of experience in the international aviation industry. Prior to joining BBA Rolf held several management positions in leading MRO organizations, airlines, and business aircraft operators.

Rolf is an experienced engineer and holds a degree in Technical Management. He is also Certifying Staff category B1, B2, and C and is a Technical Trainer.

Mehmet Kurulay, Sales Director

Mehmet joined BBA in May 2016 as Director Sales and customer relations.
Enjoying the experience of meanwhile 17 years in aviation and looking always for best solutions for the customers.
Mehmet is responsible for all sales activities and business development within BBA and worked for several authorized MROs like Jet Aviation, Cessna on different Management roles before.

Matthew Marshall, Head of Engineering / Design Organization

Matt Marshall BBA Pic For Polina

Matthew joined BBA as VP Engineering in July 2016.  Matthew has 20 years engineering experience and has worked internationally for major OEMs such as Boeing, Airbus and Rolls-Royce.  Prior to joining BBA Matthew worked for Boeing Defence Australia as Head of Design and Engineering Manager for the F/A-18 Hornet program.  Matthew was also a key player in helping establish the Design Organization and CAMO for Boeing’s E7-A AEW&C support program.

Matthew holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and his primary fields of technical expertise are structural analysis, fatigue and damage tolerance.  Throughout his career he has worked with fighter aircraft, pressurized commercial transports and High Bypass Turbofan engines.

Patrick Stoltmann, Hangar Chief, Service Center Manager

Matt Marshall BBA Pic For Polina

Patrick joined BBA in 2012 as an Aircraft Inspector. In 2013 he became the Service Center Manager for Hawker aircraft. In this position he overlooks all Hawker maintenance and related projects from a technical and resourcing stand point.

Prior to joining BBA Patrick worked as an aircraft inspector for Jet Aviation in Düsseldorf, Hannover and Kassel. And prior still, served 12 years in the German Air Force, his last position was Crew and Board Chief.

Patrick is a Certifying Staff Category B1 and C.

Ronny Zenner, Project Manager Hawker


Ronny joined BBA in 2008 as Project Manager for the Hawker aircraft in our hangar. As the Deputy Service Center Manager for Hawker aircraft he is also in charge of all maintenance events, ensuring best practices and optimal performance and quality.

Ronny is a Certifying Staff Category B1 and C for the Hawker series aircraft.

Roman Straka, Project Manager Beechcraft


Roman joined BBA in 2007 as an Aircraft Technician. In 2010 he became the Deputy Service Center Manager for Beechcraft aircraft. In 2012 he took also on the role of Project Manager, for Beechcraft aircraft. In this role he is responsible for all maintenance events planning, organization and coordination.

Prior to joining BBA Roman served 8 years in the German Air Force as an Technician for Ejection Seat systems on several military aircraft types.

Roman is a Certifying Staff Category B1 and C

Dirk Groth, Manager Avionics


Dirk joined BBA in 2011. As the Service Center Manager of Avionics he coordinates & supports the avionics work on all aircraft types maintained at our facility.

Dirk previously worked on Bombardier aircraft with Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services and as the operators’ CAMO for Windrose Air Jetcharter GmbH.

Dirk is a Certifying Staff Category B2 and C.