For sale: pre-owned aircraft that we know and service

If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned aircraft, Beechcraft Berlin Aviation (BBA) will be happy to introduce you to aircraft that they know and have serviced. Tell them your dream, what you desire and require, and their professional staff will help you find the right aircraft for your precise needs.

BBA also provide interior refurbishments, customizing and refreshing the interior in accordance with your style and requirements. So you can gain the advantages of a pre-owned aircraft and enjoy it as if it was brand new!

Case study: Premier, RB-120

Project: Interior refurbishment and sale
Background: BBA took a Premier I that we had in inventory and upgraded it to a ‘better than new’ condition.

  •  Complete technical review
  •  Rigorous exchange of all parts, which may have required a shop visit in the near future.
  •  Rectified all calendar items for the coming 24 months
  •  Complete cabin refurbishment from cockpit to lavatory
  •  New paint and timeless design

You are invited to take a look:


exterior_2 exterior_3


exterior_2 exterior_3 exterior_3