May 2018

BBA delivers INCAS Mission System upgrade

On the 8th of May 2018 BBA successfully delivered the INCAS Mission System upgrade to the Romanian National Institute of Aerospace Research (INCAS).

The design introduced a new larger LIDAR pod mounted on a new under wing hard point and pylon. The new hard point and pylon design offers flexibility and can be adapted to carry a wide variety of pods or sensors.

The new LIDAR pod has an internal volume of approximately 290 liters and provides for carriage of all equipment in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

For sensitive optical equipment the pod also incorporates vibration isolators. New large access panels and doors also provides for improved accessibility and ease of maintenance.

As part of the mission system upgrade BBA also introduced a new solid state power distribution system and optimized Ethernet network. The power and control architecture allows for flexibility and can be used to power, communicate with and control a wide variety of equipment and support future changes in sensors and mission payload.

The design is currently installed on a King Air C90 but can be easily adapted for different aircraft types. BBA expect full EASA certification within the next 3 months.