The Success story of a Berlin based aviation company

Beechcraft Berlin Aviation GmbH (BBA) is on an expansion course. The growing company has its sights firmly set on the future of modern business aviation and is continually working to further develop its areas of core business: Maintenance, Engineering and Special Mission Applications.

Company Milestones


  • Strategic contract with JSSI, offering maintenance coverage programs for King Air, Premier and Hawker aircraft
  • Installation (including accordant STC) of a SPEC Hawkeye particle detection system on a King Air C90GTx (under-wing)
  • Delivery of a dual use Hawker 800 for VIP and/or medical transport
  • Cabin modification and upgrade for a Boeing 727-200 VVIP Business Jet
  • Appointment as a JSSI Alliance Partner
  • Appointment as a Avidyne Dealer
  • Appointment as a Garmin Dealer
  • Appointment as a Jupiter Avionics Dealer


  • Delivery of two Special Mission King Air (350ER) with various Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) functionalities
  • Re-launch of new corporate design
  • Appointment as a Honeywell Service Center for Engines (TFE731-5BR, -3R, -20/40/50/60 Lines) and APU (GTCP36-150W Line)
  • EASA STC (King Air 300 Series) for the first installation of a NSM UNIFIS 3000 flight-inspection system in a King Air 350
  • CAMO Certification (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization) for aircraft registered in Bermuda
  • EASA STC for the under-wing installation of a LIDAR system and atmospheric research equipment on a King Air C90GTx
  • Appointment as a Universal Facility and Dealer


  • Russian Certification for aircraft maintenance
  • Delivery of a complex weather laboratory on King Air 90 platform


  • Ukraine Certification for aircraft maintenance
  • Delivery of a further King Air B200 to Central Africa – complete with weather research and cloud seeding systems, and including a minor change to an existing BBA STC
  • Appointment as a Raisbeck Facility and Dealer


  • Base Maintenance Certification for the Hawker BAe Series ( 700/750/800/850XP/900XP)
  • Establishment of Avionics-Shop
  • Hangar extension – over 3.000 square meters of heated high quality maintenance facility
  • Certification as a Cayman Islands Maintenance Organization


  • Appointment as EASA Part M CAMO+ for the management of continuing airworthiness for non-commercial aircraft and conducting airworthiness reviews for commercial aircraft.


  • Appointment as a Rockwell Collins Dealer and Service Facility


  • Appointment as an EASA Part-21 Design Organization
  • Appointment as a FAA Repair Station (USA).
  • Appointment as a Williams Service Facility


  • Company relocated to Berlin Schoenefeld Airport
  • Appointment as a Bermuda Maintenance Organization


  • Appointment as an EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organization
  • First delivery of a highly modified King Air B200 to Northern Africa, complete with weather research and cloud seeding systems for a program to increase atmospheric precipitation. STC’d


  • First aircraft modification project complete. Project details:  Completely new interior design of a Beechcraft 1900D airliner with 14 pax VIP interior and cabin entertainment system
  • Appointment as a Pratt & Whitney Service Facility


  • JAR-145 approval by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Aviation


  • Appointment as a Beechcraft Service Center


  • Founding of Beechcraft Berlin Aviation GmbH at the historic  Berlin Tempelhof Airport