Get and record the bird’s eye view

To secure land ownership rights and create accurate maps, precise land surveying and reliable basic information must be collected. This information is most often used for scientific, technical, military and government purposes, all of whom require exact geo data.

BBA can install complex photography equipment on your aircraft, allowing you to meet the most demanding photography and mapping requirements. BBA also provide maintenance and upkeep of the aircraft’s sensitive measurement instruments.

Various camera systems can be installed and used for:

  • Monitoring of power and gas lines
  • 3D Geo data gathering
  • Aerial photography and laser scanning

BBA provide:

  • Experience with specification, integration and installation of various systems
  • Independent selection of the best camera systems for your mission requirements
  • Installation of various camera mountings and operation hardware
  • Integration of GPS supported information systems and printers
  • Installation and delivery of a complete operating flying photo laboratory
  • Installation and maintenance for both aircraft and hardware by one supplier

Among the systems we use and offer:

  • Leica
  • Riegl
  • Securaplane
  • SweSystem
  • Zeiss