When precision is key

In today’s modern aviation, take-offs and landings at airports require precision. This most often requires costly electronic equipment with the exact calibration of the navigation aid antennas. It also requires reliable operation of the systems and regular maintenance checks. This is why Civil Aviation Authorities around the world contract companies to execute the measurement and calibration of flights.

Although costly, flight inspection systems are a long-term investment and are characterized by high reliability, efficiency, and precision in the collection and transmission of data. BBA offer domestic and foreign aviation authorities a variety of calibration systems, together with the installation of proven, cutting-edge technology and complete maintenance and upkeep services – ensuring faultless flight inspections.

Why buy with us

  • Because we will help you choose the right system
  • Provide you with the very best rates
  • Take care of the installation

Among the systems we use and offer:

  • Norwegian Special Mission (NSM) – we developed the only STC in the world to install NSM FIS system on the King Air 350
  • Safran/Sagem