Building flying laboratories

Cloud Seeding is the inoculation of clouds to produce artificial rain; this is especially important in arid regions.

The flying laboratory uses highly sensitive instruments installed on the aircraft to deliver usable data to the computers inside the cabin. Through a direct connection to a weather radar system located on the ground, the aircraft is directed to a suitable band of clouds and if required, disperses fine silver iodide into the cloud – this is the condensation seed.

This highly complex and important technique is used in weather research and in countries suffering from serious water shortages. BBA has the experienced as well as several STCs for the configuration of flying laboratories from various successful projects completed for government agencies and research institutes.

In addition, we help researchers gain a better understanding of the timing when clouds are more likely to rain or hail. This is information is important to industries that are dependent on weather conditions, such as agriculture.

Commonly used platforms

  • King Air C90
  • King Air 200/250
  • King Air 350

Why work with us

  • Complete and proven systems are available
  • Usage of existing STCs reduce cost and installation time
  • Installation and maintenance by one supplier

Among the systems we use and offer:

  • Droplet Measurement Techniques (DMT)